How To Change Your Name on a Credit Card

by Raptor Staff on December 21 2022

Changing your name on your credit card is not as straightforward as you may hope. For one thing, every credit card company has its own process for a credit card name change. If you have two or more cards, you’ll find that some name change procedures are quick and easy while others can be tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, to change your name on a credit card, you first make to change it on other identification documents. 

Here’s what you should know if you decide to change the name on your credit card. 

Why Would Anyone Want To Change Their Name On A Credit Card? 

There are several reasons why a person may need to change the name on their credit card. The two most common reasons are after marriage or divorce. That’s when people generally change their surnames and when they do, that change must be reflected on all financial documents. This includes all bank statements and credit cards. 

There could be a variety of other reasons for initiating a credit card name change. Regardless of why it’s important to make sure that all your financial accounts are updated with your new name. 

Woman trying to change name on credit card.

Steps To Change Name On Your Credit Card

This is a general step-by-step on how to change your name on any credit card. Keep in mind that every credit card issuer’s name change procedure is different. Most will be in line with the procedure outlined below. 

Step 1 – Change Your Name On All Government-Issued IDs 

This is an essential first step. No credit card issuer will approve your name change application if it is different from the name on your government-issued IDs. Before making any inquiries with your credit card company, you need to first find out how to change your name on your Social Security card and driver’s license. Standing in a long line at the DMV may not sound particularly appealing, but it’s unavoidable. You’ll have to get your name changed on your driver’s license to get your credit card name change approved. 

Step 2 – Contact Your Credit Card Issuer

You can call your credit card issuer at any time to inquire about their name change procedure. But it more than likely won’t go beyond an inquiry at this stage. Find out what documents you need to submit and keep them ready. Also, find out how you need to submit the documents and where to get the name change application form. Once you’ve found out all the requirements, you’ll be ready to start the process as soon as your name is changed on your Social Security card and driver’s license. 

Step 3 – Gather Together The Required Documents

All credit card issuers will want to see some proof of identity. Most will want to see just your new Social Security card and/ or driver’s license reflecting your legal name change. However, some issuers may want to see additional legal documents with your new name. This could be your marriage certificate or a divorce decree. 

Some will accept digital copies while others will want to see the originals too. Find out all details so you can keep the required documents ready. 

Step 4 – Submit Your Application & Documentation 

Some credit card issuers may require you to fill out a simple application form online and submit a few supporting documents. Others may ask you to visit the nearest branch in person to request a change of name. 

Once the verification process is completed and all your documentation is in order, your request will be processed. Most credit card issuers send the new credit card to the cardholder by mail, just as when they issued a new card.  

How Long Does It Take To Change Name On Credit Card?

The processing time varies among issuers. If you only need to fill out an online application, it could take as little as fifteen to twenty minutes. And you should receive your card with the new name within a week. On the other end, applying could take longer if it involves going to the branch. And the processing time may be longer too. It may be a couple of weeks before you receive your new credit card. 

Be sure to ask your issuer how long it will take them so you know how long you’ll be without that credit card. 

4 Things To Be Careful About When You Change Your Name On A Credit Card 

Things can go wrong with the simplest processes and this can cost you time or money, sometimes both. These are 3 things you should be careful about when you want to change your name on a credit card. 

1. Make sure your name is spelled correctly on the new credit card

Misspelling names are more common than you may think and it can create a lot of problems down the line. When I got my name changed on my credit card, they spelled it as ‘Yuonne’ instead of ‘Yvonne’. I didn’t think much of it and dismissed it as a misspelling. Turns out, banks and other financial institutions don’t see it as a misspelling. They see it as a completely different name. I had to explain the mistake every single time. It became a major annoyance and eventually I had to get back to my credit card company and get my name changed again. 

Take a second look at your application and verify that your name is spelled correctly. When you receive your new card, check it and verify that your name is written correctly. If it isn’t, call your credit card company and tell them to rectify the error. Don’t let them tell you it doesn’t matter. It does. 

2. Avoid using a paid service to change your name on a credit card

Credit card issuers don’t charge for changing names on credit cards and neither does the DMV. However, the process can be time-consuming. Many people use paid services that claim to save you the hassle and also speed up the process. These services can be expensive and they’re not worth it. For one thing, there are some things you just have to do personally. A paid service cannot complete all the formalities on your behalf and they certainly can’t speed up the process. The DMV and credit card companies will take as long as they take no matter who initiates the process. Save your money and do it yourself. 

3. Follow up with your credit card company

If you don’t receive your new card after the expected amount of time has passed, follow up with your issuer. Call their helpline and get an update on your new card. You want to know whether the delay is with the issuer or with the courier. 

Find out what the hold-up is if it hasn’t been couriered or mailed to you yet. If it has been sent to you already, find out when and how it was sent, then follow up accordingly. If too much time has passed, your credit card company may need to repeat the process. This rarely happens but it can so it does help to follow up. 

4. You’ll need to update all accounts that use your credit card

After you’ve received your new card with the name change, it’s a good idea to update all accounts that use your credit card. This is especially important if you have a card that offers airline miles and hotel rewards. Your name has to be reflected correctly on your credit card to redeem your rewards. Don’t wait until last minute to do this. Changing your name on your credit card can take time. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be able to redeem the rewards in time for your flight or your hotel stay. 

It’s advisable to also change your name on other accounts that use your credit card. This could be your Netflix account or any online streaming or online store account. 

Will Your Credit Get Affected If You Change Your Name On Your Credit Card? 

No, it won’t. Changing your name will not affect your credit score. You don’t have to do anything either. Once your name is changed on your credit card, it will be updated automatically on your credit report too. 

Changing your name on a credit card can take time so make sure to have alternate payment arrangements in the meantime if you have to. Keeping all your documentation ready can also help to speed up the process. 

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