What You Need to Know about Deserve Credit Cards

Still not sure about getting your first credit card? College is a great time to start building your credit. Lenders will use credit to judge your financial responsibility when applying for student loans, bank accounts, or the first car you purchase on your own. Finding the best card is important. So here’s what you should know about Deserve credit cards.

What is Deserve®?

Deserve is a credit card company built to help people develop a strong foundation of credit. Perfect for college students! Unlike other credit card companies, Deserve doesn’t accept cosigners. This means that as long as you’re 18, you can make an application on your own and, if approved, you have independent control of your credit card account. Deserve doesn’t require a credit history or even US citizenship. Instead, Deserve looks at your current financial standing and financial habits to determine your approval.

Deserve offers students the Edu* and Pro* Mastercard.


Deserve EDU Credit CardThe Edu card is for all students — US citizens and international students alike. The Edu card has a $0 annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and some outstanding rewards and perks. You get 1% cash back1 on all your purchases, and a year membership of Amazon Prime Student on Deserve.2

If you’re an international student, you don’t even need a social security number to apply. Just have proof of a US bank account, your passport, student visa, and I-20 form.


Deserve PRO CardLike the Edu, the Pro card has a $0 annual fee and no foreign transaction fees. Its features target young professionals and students further along in their financial journey. The Pro card has a 3% cash back3 on travel and entertainment, 2% cash back3 on restaurants and food delivery, and 1% cash back3 on all other purchases. All new Pro cardholders qualify for a year of Priority Pass Membership.4 This card is available to everyone, including international expats in the US who are on a work visa.


Both cards give you Mastercard cardholder perks, along with the other exclusive benefits listed above per card. The Deserve Mastercard perks include:

  • Cellphone lost/stolen/damage insurance5
  • Extended warranty on items you buy with the card
  • A car rental collision damage waiver
  • Price protection to cover the difference between what you paid and what price was advertised
  • Travel assistance if you lose your luggage, need medical help, or any legal help
  • Identity theft protection

Additionally, Deserve also provides discount codes to certain services when you sign up using your Deserve card.

The Application Process:

The application process is simple. If you aren’t sure what credit card is right for you, Deserve has a quick questionnaire to help you decide. There are four parts:

  1. Are you a student in the US, student from abroad, a working professional, or building your credit?
  2. Your basic information, including legal name, date of birth, email, and social security number. If you’re an international student and don’t have a social security number, you can still apply for a Deserve Edu Mastercard.
  3. Your permanent address.
  4. Whether you rent or own a house, monthly rent or mortgage, and monthly income before tax.

Deserve processes your information and suggests which card(s) are best suited for you. When you decide on one, you go to an application that asks for your financial information, school if you’re a student, and your employment status.

Should you get use Deserve credit cards?

If you’re a college student or someone who wants to build credit, Deserve may be a perfect option for you. Of course, do your homework and research all your options before selecting which credit card is right for you! 


* Review Cardholder Agreement Terms and Conditions for comprehensive information on Deserve Mastercards.

1 All cash back rewards are issued as statement credits, and are automatically applied to your statement in increments of $25. Purchases do not include items returned for credit, or interest and account fees.

2 If you enroll with Amazon Prime Student and pay for such service with your Deserve Edu card following the 6-month no-cost trial period, we will reimburse your Amazon Prime Student subscription fees (up to a lifetime total of $59) as a benefit of being a Deserve Edu Mastercard cardholder. Each Deserve Edu Mastercard cardholder may redeem this benefit for a lifetime maximum reimbursement of $59.

If you elect to pay the Amazon Prime Student annual fee (currently $59), our payment/reimbursement for $59 will appear on your account after the completion of the 6-month no-cost trial period when Amazon bills your credit card account, provided that your Deserve Mastercard account is in good standing at that time.If you elect to pay for Amazon Prime Student on a monthly basis (currently $6.49 per month), our payment/reimbursements will appear on your account statements for 9 months after the completion of the 6-month no-cost trial period when Amazon bills your credit card account, until you reach a total reimbursement of $58.41, provided that your Deserve Mastercard account remains in good standing during the 9-month period.

Deserve is not affiliated with Amazon and Amazon does not warrant this offer. Any questions about the offer should be directed to Deserve, Inc. Any questions about the Amazon Prime Student service should be directed to Amazon.

3 All cash back rewards are issued as statement credits, and are automatically applied to your statement in increments of $25. Purchases do not include items returned for credit, or interest and account fees.

Restaurant, Travel, and Entertainment categories earn bonus cash back on the first $500 of combined net purchases made each billing cycle. Once the $500 per billing cycle limit is reached, you will earn 1% base cash back on additional purchases.

4 To receive your complimentary one-year membership to Priority Pass™ Select (valued at $99) use your Deserve Pro Mastercard to make $1,000 or more in total purchases in the first 90 days after your account is activated, or if you are already an existing cardholder, in the first 90 days after the initial date that your invitation for this offer was sent. Purchases do not include items returned for credit, or interest and account fees. Priority Pass membership requires registration at a specified website with a unique code provided by Deserve to you within two billing cycles of qualifying.

You must use your Deserve card as the preferred payment method for your Priority Pass charges, and your card must be (a) on file with Priority Pass and (b) in good standing at the time of lounge visit. A lounge visit fee (discounted to $27) per person per visit for you and each guest will be charged to your Deserve card. Lounges may refuse entry during busy periods or limit the number of guests who may accompany you. Limited to one membership per cardholder. All Priority Pass terms and conditions apply and are subject to change. Deserve reserves the right to cancel this offer and to change the terms of this promotion at any time. This offer is only available for new accounts opened after November 29, 2018.

5 Coverage provided under a group insurance policy issued by New Hampshire Insurance Company, an AIG company. Policy provides secondary coverage only. The $600 benefit amount applies to each claim, and is subject to a $50 co-pay per claim. Protection applies to up to 3 phones, the primary line and up to the first two secondary lines on the covered phone bill. $1,000 maximum claim benefit per 12 months.

Subject to limitations and exclusions. See terms and conditions for complete details.

Deserve is a trademark of Deserve, Inc. All Deserve credit cards are issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC.

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